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We are an app development company based out of Orange County, California specializing in the development of virtual reality games and experiences. We are devoted to expanding the concept of traditional entertainment, education and software experiences with the use of innovative and unique hardware. From educational games like “VR Typing Trainer” to flat out terrifying experiences like “The Light,” Labcoat strives to push the boundaries of entertainment.


These are some of the projects we have prototyped. After we create a prototype, we begin brainstorming how we can turn the idea into a complete product. This involves fleshing out new features, developing a sustainable and lasting experience and working out/anticipating any bugs that may arise. We plan on continuing development of these games and having them available for download/sale by December 2015. Both of these prototypes have received notable acclaim. VR Typing Trainer won the first OCVR Game Jam in June, 2014 and was nominated for the first ever Proto Awards in September, 2014 and The Light got second place in the second OCVR Game Jam in July, 2014. We plan on continuing development of new games/experiences throughout the end of 2014 and into 2015.


It’s been four years since your feet have touched the soft dirt of earth.

Your re-entry into Earth’s Atmosphere starts as it should. As you drift toward the Karman Line, all systems look stable and your orbital trajectory is on target. EMMA, your automated computer guidance system, assures you that you will be home shortly. You take a deep breath and relax as you prepare for the last leg of your journey.

Within moments of initiating your descent, something strikes your craft. Your grip tightens as the explosion shakes you to your core. The red glow of emergency LEDs light up your face. As you spiral out of control, you craft begins to depressurize and alarms shriek. Your heat shields start to fail and the warmth creeps up through your suit. Your trajectory drifts and your hull starts to fracture. One thing has become abundantly clear: You are your only chance of survival.

Re-Entry Cockpit Screenshot
  • Multitask and complete multiple mini-games to keep your ship from exploding during re-entry
  • Built for the GearVR but ported to PC for play-testing
  • Fully custom 3D assets
  • Custom sound assets
  • Epic musical score
  • Survive long enough and make it to Earth safely
Mega Creature Smash

Smash everything in sight! Punch through walls, windows, and floors to take down the building but be careful – private military has been hired to stop you. Use your hands to defend yourself against an onslaught of bullets, rockets, missiles and helicopters as you climb your way to the top.  Inspired by the classic arcade game Rampage, get the highest score by causing the most damage you can.

Mega Creature Smash Sign
  • Experience the thrill of ultimate destruction as a giant movie monster
  • Use your hands as the controllers using Leap Motion’s sensor
  • Fully custom 3D assets, all designed in house
  • Sound tracked in 3D space – explosions rumble and rockets fly by as the city panics below you
  • Intense musical score
  • Destroy everything you can to get the best score
  • Won “Most Cathartic Godzilla Moment” in the Leap Motion Game Jam
The Light

The Light is a fully immersive horror experience designed for the Oculus VR. You wake up in the middle of a stormy night and something doesn’t feel quite right. The power is out and your only means of seeing is a wind-up UV super-charged flashlight. You begin to hear some whispers in the room and turn on your flashlight just in time to see the shadows begin to shift. Formless creatures begin to move through the walls and start coming at you from every direction. In a frenzy, you must ward off the shadows with the light of your flashlight until the power comes back on. In The Light, creatures come at you from every direction, shrieking as you blast them with your UV beam. Use your XBox 360 controller to recharge your only light source and destroy the shadows before they destroy you.

The Light Screenshot
  • Fully Immersive horror experience built groundup for the Oculus Rift
  • Motion captured shadow creatures
  • Fully custom 3D assets, all designed in house
  • Sound tracked in 3D space – whispers and screams come from all around you as you fight to survive
  • Chilling musical score
  • Compete to survive the longest and get the best score
  • Won second place at the OCVR July, 2014 Game Jam
VR Typing Trainer

VR Typing Trainer is redefining the way we learn to type. One of the first 3D typing games ever, VR Typing Trainer is going where no typing trainer has dared to go before. Upon typing “start,” you enter a futuristic computer world. Words begin to fly at you from all angles – your only weapon? Your keyboard backed up by your sharp typing skills. Starting easy but progressively getting more intense, VR Typing Trainer gives Mavis Beacon a run for her money.

VR Typing Trainer Screenshot
  • Revolutionizing the way we teach typing
  • Built for the Oculus 3D DK1 and DK2
  • Beautiful 3D futuristic world
  • Fully featured game mode including lives, powerups and high scores
  • Extremely addicting – you won’t want to stop typing
  • Innate design prevents players from looking at their fingers, reinforcing touch typing
  • Won First place at the first ever OCVR Game Jam
  • Nominated for a Proto Award at the first Annual Proto Awards
  • Critically acclaimed concept and gameplay


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We are a group of business minded programmers, designers and artists looking to both experiment with emerging technologies and develop innovative new ways to play and work. From programming to visual and sonic art we’ve been lucky enough to explore, create and develop professionally (as individuals) for years and even more lucky to find a group of like-minded people to continue the journey with. Each member of our team is indispensable and contributes to every part of the process – from idea generation to design, we all work together before moving on to our individual specialities.

While we love to work, we love to play even more and we take pride in our gamer lineage. As gamers, we know what works and what doesn’t. We are constantly getting hands-on experience with game design, in and out of the workplace, to make sure we are creating the most relevant and effective experiences possible.

Mike Arevalo - Virtual Reality Programmer

Mike Arevalo

Lead Programmer

Jeff Macalino - 3D Artist

Jeff Macalino

Lead 3D Artist/Designer

Wael Elhaddad - Programmer/Motion Capture

Wael Elhaddad

Programmer/Motion Capture

Brian Grider - Lead Composer/Sound Design

Brian Grider

Lead Composer/Sound Design


Every member of our team has had extensive experience with all kinds of companies and organizations. From 3D art for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, to interactive and educational apps for Western University of Health Sciences, to music production for some of the largest music companies in the world, we’ve done it all. Here are just a few of the companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

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Whether you have an upcoming project, an idea, or just a random question, we want to hear from you! Feel free to send us an email and tell us a little bit about yourself/your company. We’re all about collaboration and would love to hear what you’re up to.

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