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VR Typing Trainer Wins OCVR Game Jam

VR Typing Trainer - The virtual reality educational experience.

 June 28th, 2014        VR Game Announcements  
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We are excited to announce that VR Typing Trainer won first place at the first ever OCVR Game Jam.  Here’s a description of the game.

VR Typing Trainer is redefining the way we learn to type. One of the first 3D typing games ever, VR Typing Trainer is going where no typing trainer has dared to go before. Upon typing “start,” you enter a futuristic computer world. Words begin to fly at you from all angles – your only weapon? Your keyboard backed up by your sharp typing skills. Starting easy but progressively getting more intense, VR Typing Trainer gives Mavis Beacon a run for her money.

VR Typing Trainer ScreenshotRevolutionizing the way we teach typing
Built for the Oculus 3D DK1 and DK2
Beautiful 3D futuristic world
Fully featured game mode including lives, powerups and high scores
Extremely addicting – you won’t want to stop typing
Innate design prevents players from looking at their fingers, reinforcing touch typing
Won First place at the first ever OCVR Game Jam
Nominated for a Proto Award at the first Annual Proto Awards
Critically acclaimed concept and gameplay